This is Online Dispute Resolution.

Settle cases quicker and more efficiently.

Pay only when your case is settled
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Dispute Resolution for Everyone

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Instant access from anywhere in the world on your own time

Your resolution is in your hands. Start your negotiation at anytime, from anywhere. Our chat and negotiation tools will guide you to a solution.

Quick access to Mediators and Expert Neutrals

Invite the other party to a negotiation and the process begins. Add a Mediator to your case at any time. Still can't agree? An Expert Neutral can guarantee a resolution.

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Fair negotiations by default

How about that?
Our Visual Blind Biddingsm algorithms are designed to reward collaborative parties.

Changing the way the world negotiates

ONE combines intelligent algorithms with a human touch to help both parties achieve a better outcome.


Negotiate from anywhere in the world on any device with internet.

Two Parties | One Issue

Invite the other party and begin negotiating.

Level the playing field

Negotiate without being vulnerable to power imbalances.

No face-to-face confrontation

We provide a neutral platform for your case. The process is easy, secure, and efective.

Time is Money, and so is money

A built in reward for collaboration moves you to a fair solution, saving you time and money.


Our application allows you to negotiate on your own time.

How to use Smartsettle ONE

Smartsettle ONE is a flexible and configurable solution with various offerings.

Personal Cases

Right here, right now! You can start a case and begin negotiating now.

Negotiate now

Use ONE to help your clients achieve better solutions.

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API and VBBsm Widget

Build a tightly integrated experience on top of our API and re-use our VBB (Visual Blind Bidding) widget and algorithms.
No need to reinvent the wheel.

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Choose the best plan for you

Robot free

Play with our robot,
no strings attached.

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Mediator Tools
Customized Application

Smartseltte offers a variety of Services, Solutions and Consultation on Online Dispute Resolution

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* Calculated as 2% of the range

  1. The range is the high end of the negotiation minus the low end.
  2. The party who creates the case pays the Smartsettle fee.
  3. Pay only if you reach an agreement.

Example: Your negotiation is between $4,000 to $5,000, which makes your range $1,000. Your fee is %2 of the range, or $20.

You're one step away from settling your case.

Negotiate online, peacefully and collaboratively with ONE.

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If you would like a demo or more information about any of our products or services, get in touch with us.

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Smartsettle ONE is a complete solution to negotiate simple cases online. Smartsettle also offers a solution for complex cases called: Smartsettle Infinity. Infinity is best used when multiple parties and multiple issues are involved. Visit for more details.